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Hand-dipped Incense - Order-made Fresh

Every order of Pentacles Magickal Incense is hand-dipped, fresh, each and every time! Each tube contains 20 perfectly scented incense sticks. Over 30 different scents to choose from!

Handcrafted Oils

Our finely handcrafted oils are blended using the best fragrances available. Pentacles Magickal Oils have been popular since 1990, and continue to bring a touch of Magick to today's modern connoisseur.

Natural Resins & Sage Products

Pentacles Magickal Resins are natural and important resin incenses that were used in ancient times in religious rites. Resins are also called for in many ancient and medieval recipes. Resins can be burned for many magickal and religious purposes including banishing, consecrations, protection, ritual fumigation's, divination, exorcism and countless other uses. 

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